Thinking Chilly, Brisk, and Bracing Thoughts

Just Chillin'

Today was an extremely, humid, sultry, close, airless, stifling, oppressive, muggy, sticky, and sweltering day.

It was NOT the kind of day for weeding and yet what did I begin this ridiculously hot day with?

After perspiring over half of my body weight in a matter of half an hour, I puddled back into my abode.

Only to be greeted by my offspring with a hearty hail of, “Hey, is it Hot out there or what?”

“Wow, I did not know that my highly observant, clever, and quick-witted progeny,” I responded in a haughty, mocking tone.

Such an Oy Vey / Face Palm moment.

We attempted in vain to make today our, “First Official School Day of the 2014-15 Year.”  It was a fine endeavor, but alas and alack we missed our mark.  We finished about three quarters of our list.  “Sigh”

Wow, I HAVE to lay off the Tolkien Books.

The Middle Earth locution has invaded and overrun my lexicon.


The Blue Moon Thinker


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