A Clean House…

My House Was Clean Last Week...

Ok, there is a reason that I have this sign hanging in my house!  To cover days like today.  😮

My hubby was home today.  Yay! for me, but Not Yay! for my schedule.  When the hubster is home from work that saying, “Carefully laid plans of mice and Wo-men,” apply.  I absolutely LOVE having my hubby home, but I usually don’t get anything done all day.  When dad is home everyone in the house goes into vacation mode…including me. :/

So, today my house looked like a Grouches’ Holiday Inn…imagine the bad guys house from Elmo in Grouchland.

My living room was covered in assorted piles of the 98 books we currently have checked out of the library, my couch and loveseat were covered in unfolded but clean laundry, and every possible flat surface to set something on was littered in Homeschool Prep Paperwork.

I won’t even begin to go into detail about my kitchen!   Let’s just say I’d been neglecting it for a day or two. 😦

So, after a fun filled day of staycay vaycay, I had to come back in for a landing on Reality Island.  It was almost dinner time and I had to cook.  Whoopee.

Since today was National Hotdog Day, I decided to make hotdog’s for supper.  Yummo!

After running thru the kitchen with a scrubby and my awesome lemon spray, I began the task of making supper.

Hotdogs check, Green beans checkarooni, baked potatoes got it.

Everything was coming along nicely when out of the blue my microwave shuts off.  I was like, What? Hello?

Long and short of it, I ended up calling the landlord, turns out the problem was just a tripped breaker, but the breaker panel was labeled wrong and hilarious phone call tag ensued with the land lord.

In the end, they decide to show up at our house to check out the circuit breaker, unbeknownst to us.

Remember the, “My House Was Clean Last Week,” bit from the beginning?

My landlord was coming into my house for the first time…I hadn’t met her face to face, just spoke with her over the phone…and here I was in the middle of a house that looked like an extra on the set of the Wizard of Oz tornado shoot, and me in all of my, frizzed up hair plopped on top of my head in an Extremely messy updo, wearin my oldest Tshirt and shorts that I own, you know the Do Not wear That out of the house Ever be-cause it has a hole Where?!, outfitted glory!

This was the convo:

Landlord: “We’re outside in the driveway.”

Me: “Oh, Okay.”  said with a forced smile thru clenched teeth.  😀

Landlord: “See you in a bit.”

Me: *Click*  Ack!! Oh, my gosh babe, the landlord is coming here, IS here Now in our Driveway!  Quick put the laundry in a basket, oh my goodness the kitchen!  Holy cow! I don’t have a bra on!!


Me: Wait, don’t answer the…….door. *sigh*  Helllooooo, I don’t believe we’ve met yet. 😀  Big smiles everyone, Big smiles.

Oy Vey!

I decided something while I was cleaning up the house, after they left.

I am taking, “My House Was Clean Last Week,” sign and hanging it on the Front Door!!


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂


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