The basement floods at midnight… A true story

The Basement Floods at Midnight

Once upon a Sunday night at 3ish o’clock in the early am, the Blue Moon Sleeper was awoken from a deep and restful slumber. “What, who, where, why?,” she snorted most ungracefully upon being disturbed from her rest. She needed to attend to her constitutional in the most urgent way… too much lemonade before bed I suppose. She popped out of bed like an over brown piece of bread out of a toaster, and blundered her way around the room barking her toes on the bed rollers as she went. Feeling her way out of the room and to the bathroom, she opened the door and was immediately blinded by the nightlight plugged into the wall above the counter and shining more intensely than the sun in the Serengeti Desert. Stumbling back in surprise and shock, her eyes tearing and watering from the sudden onslaught of light and her bathroom visit totally forgotten, she lurched into the kitchen. As she wiped her eyes, she suddenly heard the voice of the Lord clearly say, “Go into the basement.” Without question she walked over to the basement, opened the door and walked down the steps. As if waking from a dream she attempted to focus on why she was in the basement and what she was supposed to be looking for… when she saw it. No, her eyes must be playing tricks on her, she rubbed them, blinked and looked again. Sure enough there it was plain as day on the floor in front of her, water and lots of it.  It’s windy trail snaked out from under the door to the outside and meandered into the basement. Realization dawned on her, the Bilco doors must have been left open and the torrential rains of the evening must have overwhelmed the tiny space forcing the water to enter the only place it could, the basement. In the next moment she was filled with dread as her eyes began to focus on the path of the small stream, her books! She ran up the stairs and gently but urgently shook her husband’s sleeping form. She explained what had happened, and with many apologies for leaving the door open and not following his own quiet urging from the Lord earlier that evening, he began unstacking boxes of books to get to the wet bottom layer of boxes. The Blue Moon Sleeper turned on a fan and set the dehumidifier to high and prepared a space for her beloved books to dry out. Her husband carried the first and wettest box over to where she stood waiting and dumped the first load out.  She feverishly thumbed through each book noting with relief that the wettest box didn’t have anything of real value in it.  With thanks to the Lord, she continued laying out the wettest albums and papers out to dry out in the breeze from the fan. Her husband brought over 3 boxes in all, each less and less wetter than the first.  She pulled all the books out looking them over thoroughly.  With palpable relief she sighed, “No real casualties to speak of.” “I’m sorry again,” intoned her husband feeling upset and foolish. “It’s okay, I’m just grateful that the Lord woke me when he did and sent me down to the basement to stop the flood.” she said happily. The Blue Moon Sleeper and her husband, satisfied that all was taken care of went back up to their room and drifted off into slumber. The Lord had routed the flood and the basement was dry as a bone by the next evening. The Blue Moon Sleeper hadn’t lost a single book and the basement was back to its original form. ~ Thank you Lord, just like the Wedding at Cana, you care about the little things…even my books.

Phillipians 4:19- And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂


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