I Love a Good Road Trip…

I Love a Good Road Trip

There’s something about a road trip that always makes me happy.  I love seeing new places and having new experiences, so maybe that’s a part of it.

Anyhoo, today we went on a road trip to this mysterious location where my hubby gets his tools fixed.  It’s sort of out in the middle of nowhere and then when you get to your destination point, out into the middle of nowhere, you have to travel down a loooooong stone lane that goes even Farther out into the middle of nowhere. 😮

It’s one of those places where you ask yourself, “Um, are you sure we are at the right place???  Cause this looks like someone’s house/garage/junkyard/lawnmower repair business” Lol 😀

Well, when we left there, we were Extremely close to the place that I buy and sell All of my Homeschooling supplies, PACE.  Soooooo, of course we had to stop in for a visit.  I will be sharing more about PACE on my Random Places Under a Blue Moon Blog. 🙂

Anyhoo, after we left PACE, we went to a brand new BJ’s that I had never been to before.  That was fun, I always find it interesting how every store you go to carries different items, even though they all supposedly sell the same stuff.  Oy.

After we left BJ’s we stopped in at Toys R Us and one of my favorite places to buy school supplies, Ollie’s.  🙂

I buy my Art sketch books at Ollie’s.  A drawing pad that I would have to pay $12-$15 for at AC Moore or Michaels only costs me $2 at Ollie’s. Yes, I said two dollars! 😮

I buy our drawing pads, art canvases, journals, office supplies, and a plethora of other items at Ollie’s…Good Stuff Cheap ya know. 😀

Well, after a long, but fun day we finally meandered our way home.

Now it’s late, and I’m definitely ready for bed.  I’m tired, but I’m a happy, contented tired.

Thank you Awesomely Random Road Trip!! 😀


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂


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