I think the lawn is laughing at me….

I think the lawn is laughing at me

Mow, Grow

Mow, Grow More.

Mow, Grow Even More.

What is this some kind of cruel joke?!

I swear the lawn is outside right this very minute laughing at us.  Mocking us with its ability to grow a full inch every half hour on the hour.  We just mowed the thing a few days ago, yet there it is, high enough to use a machete on.  I wouldn’t complain too much if we had a lawn full of luscious shag carpeted grass, but no we’ve been blessed with a lawn full of weeds, thistles, and sarlacs…not sure what they’re called, but the Randomkids nicknamed them after that giant thing that almost ate Han and Lando from the Star Wars Movie.

Anyhoo, the weeds grow thick and vigorous. :/  I’m grateful that we are not in a drought, but Really, I’d just like a wee bit of a break from the relentless cycle of lawn care. 🙂

Well, I’m off to mow, before it rains and grows another 4 inches tomorrow.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


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