What lurks in the bathroom….

I looove our current rental very much, buuuut in each room that is wallpapered there is a different kind of border paper.  Not really that big of a deal right?

Well, in the bathroom downstairs there is this really nice seashell border paper…

Border paper

Our last house was very nice… but the most awesome part about it was the backyard!  We had a crick that ran along the side of the property and we were bordered on 2 sides with 14 acres of forest!  Loooooved it, but with a wonderful backyard and forest came lots and lots of weirdo bugs.  We had every variety of species you could think of, being homeschoolers we caught alot and visited that what’s that bug site quite often.

Now I  know just about everyone deals with these guys…

temple of doom

I do NOT like them.. at ALL!!  I have kind of a “history” with these guys.  They tend to pop out at ya at the most inconvenient times and in the most scary ways.

In fact, my best friend told me a story about how one time when she was younger and she was taking a shower one of these guys somehow landed on her head while she was washing her hair….well, much screaming ensued, followed by her leaping out of the shower, and shrieking for her dad to come in and kill the thing cause it wouldn’t go down the drain because of the drain cover.  It just kept spinning around and around in the bottom of the tub freaking her out. Of course, at the time I thought it was a funny story and laughed my rear off.

But back to my current bathroom story.  Every morning when I get my shower I take off my glasses… I’m near sighted and in the half dark bathroom…

Well, see that shell with the arrow pointed at it?

shower border paper

Let’s just say that, early in the morning, with no glasses on, that particular shell looks amazingly like that guy pictured above with the Temple of Doom reference…

I remember my best friend’s horror story, and the stupid thing gets me Every Time!  I think it’s a thousand legger!  Every Single Stinkin’ Time!  Oy!

Curse you pretty shell border paper!!


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂


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