Allergies, Allergies, Everywhere…

Random Thought of the Day 2

Allergies are normal part of every day life, right?  Our household is full of random allergies.

Allergies to peanuts, wheat, corn, night shade veg, most storebought cleaners, and the list goes on.  My favorite allergy, and I’m being sarcastic here, is the hidden allergy.  You know the one that hides in plain site as you amble along in life until, whammo!  Surprise, you’re allergic Aaaand reacting!  Oh, joy.

Havin’ one of those surprise, you’re allergic times today.  I ate at a Restaurant that we always eat at, you know that place where you’ve Never had a problem before. 😉

Well, I guess they started using something different in their cooking…you know that old line too…anyhoo, of course we didn’t put two and two together until we’d been eating the leftovers for two evenings!  Of course, typical of the sneak attack allergy.

You go around enjoying what you eat and then bam, it doesn’t like you anymore and that’s fine, cause the feeling is mutual bucko!

So, here I am on a perfectly wonderful Monday morning, when I should be working on school or I don’t know at least get a day in.  But no, I’m laying in bed with a pounding headache…you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the kid with the hammer…”I wanna Easter Egg, I wanna Easter Egg.”…that’s me getting pounded on.

My face is hurting, cause of course my sinuses are puffy and the back of my head aches like Krazy!

Well, no more awesome food from that place anymore, thank you random cook for changing the way that you always made your recipes before. 😦

Back to eating at home for me….sigh.


The Blue Moon Thinker  🙂


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