Fall Fun… In the Sun?

Fall Fun 2

Wow, is it actually November??  Cause it feels more like September!
We decided to take Senior pics for the Randomkid Firstborn while the weather holds.

It was absolutely gorgeous out!!

We decided to hit a nearby historic park. There were so many places to take pics, all I had to do was basically close my eyes and point.
Old stone buildings, gorgeous stone outcroppings, beautifully ornate trees, it was totally awesome.

The kiddos actually lasted way longer than I thought they would, in fact, Randomkid Firstborn wants to go back for round 2 of pics. Lol
So, I guess we’ll go back and see what new places we can find.
Well, hopefully the rockin’ weather lasts for awhile.

The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

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