It’s Christmas Time!! Yay!!!

Christmas 2

It’s Official, the Christmas Season is upon us.  My Most favorite time of the year!!

The time of the year that I can celebrate with Youthful abandon and Not be looked at too strangely. 😀

I really enjoy Christmas, my house is already decorated and I love turning all the lights off in the house at night except for the Christmas lights. 😀
Drinking warm cocoa with Christmas songs playing in the background as I snuggle under warm blankets on my couch reading a thick book.

My kids still count down the days till Christmas Eve, although by most people’s standards they are too old.
Thankfully we don’t prescribe to Most people’s standards. ;D

My calendar is already filling up, but that’s okay, I love spending time with friends and family during the holidays.

We are focusing on Sharing and Caring this year. The Lord Cared enough for us that He Shared the most important gift with us, His Son Jesus. 😀 Praise the Lord!!

So this year, we are pulling our attention away from getting presents, and concentrating our time and energy on others. It’s gonna be a FUN holiday!!

What are your plans for the month?  I’m always up for new ideas?

The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂


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