The No Microwave Oven Challenge….

no mic

Well, as I’ve said in a previous post.  We rent.  I Looove our rental and I really like our landlords, they are very nice people and take really great care of their house.

That’s Extremely hard to find.  We should know, we’ve been renting for a looooooong time. 😀

Anyhoo, this AM when the husband went to make his morning tea, the microwave turned on as usual and did its little spinny thing, But after 3 whole minutes… No heat.  His glass was as cold as when he first put it in the microwave!   Never, to be deterred, my husband turned it on for 2 more minutes…a total of 5 minutes cooking time.  Nothing, Nada, Zilch.  So, I called the landlord and they will be out to replace it ASAP.

Now, in the meantime, I got to thinking.

A year or so ago, I had chatted with the husband about the idea of going without a microwave.  It’s not really that great for ya anyhoo.

Well, we kicked it around a bit and then proceeded to chuck it right out the door.  After all, with all the kiddos food allergies I already cook enough stuff from scratch.

The microwave is a time saver, energy saver, and on crazy days, helps me be less on the Cray-side of life.  So, I let the whole idea float into the oblivion of my mind.

BUT, Now, I have the chance to take the NO Microwave Oven Challenge.

Soooo, I’m gonna try it out….at least until the new microwave is installed. 😉

Hey a girl can’t quit cold turkey All the time, right?!! 😀

Have any of you ever taken THE Challenge?  If ya have OR even if ya haven’t drop me a line or two in the Comment section down below my  incoherent rambling and let me know how ya did  or if you’ve ever given any thought to embarking on The NO Microwave Oven Challenge!….I feel like there needs to be an echo on the end of that…Allenge…Allenge…Allenge.



The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂


8 thoughts on “The No Microwave Oven Challenge….

  1. This is totally do-able! 🙂 We gave up our microwave 18 months ago, when we moved into our rental that didn’t have one. We use a large toaster oven. It does pose a challenge sometimes (think microwave popcorn 😉 ) but we’ve gotten used to it taking time for things to reheat. You’ll learn to be creative – Lol!!


    • Ooooooo, do you pop your popcorn in the toaster oven? 😮
      We have a toaster oven that I bought at a garage sale…let’s just say the box Grossly overrated its size.
      It fits exactly 2 square bread sandwiches, crusts touching..okay overlapping, with Exactly 3 slices of deli meat, 2 slices of cheese, and a thinly sliced tomatoe. I can’t fit another iota of food stuff into its miniscule insides.
      My husband suggested that heating the sandwiches up in our 4 slice toaster would go faster….yeah, and Fire-ier I quipped back.
      Patience: Not a family strong suit. Lol 🙂


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