It’s the Most Wonderful Time for Senior Pics…


I’m starting a new challenge for myself.  My Randomkid the First is graduating this year.

It’s a year full of firsts actually, driving for the first time, working with dad for the first time, and getting senior pics for the first time.

Most people would hire a photographer to do their kiddos pics so that 10 years in the future their grateful progeny won’t come back to them complaining about how the light wasn’t right, or how could you let me wear that jacket, or what was the aperture setting on your El Cheapo point and click again?

But of course, I’m Not most people.  I enjoy a challenge.  😀

So, in order to give myself a Wide spread for mistakes, I decided to take pictures of Randomkid the First in each Season.  We got fall down by the skin of our teeth.

I willed a few of the leaves to stay on the trees so that we could have time to go take some pics and they did.

But the Winter portion of the pic taking is giving me some trouble.  We have just passed the 1st of January and there still is not even a single flake of snow anywhere on the ground.  We haven’t even had a hard frost so that we could go out and Pretend it snowed.  I guess I could get some snow trucked in like they do at ski resorts…no, that’s just crazy talk.

I guess we’ll see what happens.  Worse comes to worse, I could just Photoshop some snow into the pic…..Of course that little trick would entail me actually purchasing Photoshop first.


It’s all good.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

PS- Are there any other crazy parent Senior pic takers out there in internet land?  How did it go for you?  Any Pic knowledge you could drop on me?  If so, please leave me a line in the comment box.

In the meantime, I’ll be singing a song….

“Oh where, oh where, has all the snow gone.  Oh where, oh where, can it be?  Well Christmas is done and we’re speeding thru January, Oh where, oh where can it be.”


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