Oh the weather outside is wackadoo…


It is January here in Pennsylvania, January the 10th to be exact.

So, when I look out the window I should see, oh I don’t know, snow maybe? At least some frost? How about ice…anywhere?? The weather around here has been extremely weird.

Normally here in the Northeast January means cold temps, frozen ground, snow, winter coats, scarves, and gloves or just generally bundled up tight and snug under a blanket with cocoa and Netflix binge-watching.

But instead? The hubby had to Mow last week, it rained so hard today that the yard is a boggy wasteland, we had a thunderstorm warning last night with a warning for dangerous cloud to ground lightning, we even had a brilliant rainbow today…
The weather is just Wack!!

I am walking around my house in a tank top and shorts sipping lemonade and eating frozen yo-go pops. What is winter coming too?

My hubby entered the house proclaiming, “It’s becoming another beautiful fall January day.”
Uhhhhhhhh, no.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂


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