The Milk Debate…

fresh taste guaranteed

Shouldn’t this say, best if opened by sell-date and Sour within 7 days? or will go bad within 7 days?
I am the type of person that needs plain directions.

Aaaaand, by the way, just a small side note. Does Anyone really ask for a refund on their milk, especially sooo many people that they have to limit the amount of refunds??

Well, back to the topic at hand…
We opened a carton of milk at Christmas time…yep, Christmas time, we are now Full into the second week of January…Anyhoo, the sell by date on the carton is for January 18th but there is this label on the side of the box.

Soooo, I had a banter….can’t really classify it as an argument….with the hubby as to whether we should continue using it or not. 
His view was as long as it tastes, looks, and smells ok, we use it.
My view…I’m a freako about food, in a bad phobic sort of way…We are waaaaaaay past 7 days people! At this point it doesn’t matter how it tastes, looks, smells, and the sell by date be darned, we should throw it away.

After a full 15 minutes of back and forth banter an additional 10 minutes of online info and even dragging the Randomkids in on the debate…they could care less, they just grab any open container of milk in the fridge…we never came to any viable solutions and the milk is still sitting in the fridge.

If you can’t beat em join em…..Fuzzy Yosemite Sam logic, but still….


Cocoa isn’t too bad with….best if used within 7 days but is waaaaaay past that milk. 😉

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂
P.S.- Any of you out in internet land care to weigh in on the debate? Drop me a line or two in the comment box.
Mmmmm, that’s actually good cocoa…. Stay happy and have yourself a cup of cocoa while you’re at it. Spoiled milk is optional.


4 thoughts on “The Milk Debate…

  1. I’ve done a ton of research on milk and am a raw milk fan. Pasteurized milk has had all the good bacteria removed along with the bad, along with enzymes being denatured. It cannot sour; it goes rancid. Once it is rancid, it is unsafe to drink. You can identify rancid by smell and taste, so if it is all good there, don’t worry about the date. Dates tend to be on on our food due to government regulations having no basis in fact. Raw milk, on the other hand, still has its good bacteria, so it sours. Sour milk is safe to drink, though maybe not your taste preference.

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    • Whoa! Thank you for all the info!! You are a Wealth of information. I think I will have to ask more questions so I’m not such a freako about food. 😀
      Although, now my hubby will have more ammo to argue his case.
      Of course, I already poured it down the drain when he was at work. Mwahahahaha.
      😉 🙂


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