Foodie… Fun ?

Time Comsuming Breakfast

Wow!  I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but must it also be the longest to prepare??  😮

Because of the whole non-grain thing, I have to make more,”complicated,” breakfasts. Gone are the days of a quick bowl of oatmeal, cereal, toast and sun nut butter, etc. Now I actually have to take the time to make a meal.  Oy!  Time, you say?  What is this time you speak of??  😉

So on today’s menu.  An egg, burger, and cheese omelet, turkey bacon, and homefries.

Of course, the hubby wanted some too so I made double my normal amount….well, triple…the hubby is a big eater, not that he ever gains weight… That is def. fodder for another post! Lol

Anyhoo, so for those of you who read any of my Random drivel… in an earlier post, I hinted at my foodie freak tendencies…Is it done enough? let me get out my food thermometers… Oh my gosh someone left the fridge door cracked open for 15 minutes? Throw ALL the food AWAY!! 😮

Okay, so I admit it.  I am a Foodiefreako-germaphobe. That’s not a real word obviously, I just came up with it, in fact my spell check is going zonkers right now….take that spell check! Mwahahahaha!!

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Foodiefreakogermaphobe… I’m extra careful with my foodie prep, well as compared to other normal people that I see cook food. 🙂  But because of the Foodiefreako in me I tend to overthink everything when I cook.
Aaaaaand because I hate doing dishes and the Randomkids have a round about way of “getting” to them to actually oh I don’t know…. Clean the flippin dishes so we actually, have clean plates, cups, utensils, and pots to cook with!!…I tend to cook as much as I possibly can out of one pot or pan.

So this morning started with me cooking the bacon, for normal people they would cook it according to package directions…9 minutes…me, 20-25 minutes..what? I like to know it’s done, AKA browned or blackened a bit. Lol

Then I put in my omelet after floating my eggs, drying them off, then mixing all my premade and cooked goodies into it…those things took time to finish up too but I’m not including that in my Brekkers Tale…

So, there I was, patiently waiting for the omelet to finish, when I suddenly realized I had forgotten all about the potatoes waiting in the microwave to be turned into homefries.

My hubby was gonna be late for work, a watched omelet Never cooks, and I needed to make the difficult decision…do I use another pan or not…tick, tock, tick, tock… Cue zoom in to biting nails.

I mean heck it was Bad Enough that I was baking the hubby’s toast directly on the oven rack!!! 😮  Oh the humanity!!
I never do ANYTHING like that, that is the hubster’s M.O. ….I find it horrifying, I mean what has been on those racks? We’ve only lived here for a year! What did the previous tenants and owners Do in the oven? The food needs to be safely on something, a cookie sheet, parchment paper, aluminum foil, anything!!

But, soon I calmed myself and figured… Hey, I wasn’t going to eat the toast, and he would normally do it anyway if I wasn’t there, soooo just go with it.

Okay, back to my Breakfast Tale…

There I was looking at the omelet that just would NOT bake!! and the homefries staring at me, just waiting to be made.  So I did what any other self respecting foodie cook would do, I gave in and pulled out another pot! 😮   ~Duh, Duh, Duhhhhhhhhh!!   😉

But, it was all cool, I cooked up the homefries, the omelet Finally got done, and I plated it all up.
The hubsters plate was sooo full he had to doggie bag half of it to work. LOL   In yo face, Subway and McD’s lunch… you Won’t be visited today! Ha!

Aaaaaand as a bonus, I was able to reuse the homefries pot for hot dogs at lunch. 😀

Stay tuned for,”Adventures in Suppertime Preparations,” coming to a blog post near you.

😉 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in internet land have a Brekkers or Lunchfest Tale of Amazement, Whoa, or Meh to share?
Drop me a line or more in the comment box.

Happy foodie fun! 😀


2 thoughts on “Foodie… Fun ?

  1. As from yesterday, I took processed sugar out of my diet. Don’t know how much I’d last without chocolate, but am trying. Have 24 hours of doing raelly well. I feel like I’m on rehab. LOL
    Love your food posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😮 😮
    Sugar is a hard one!
    We use a lot of maple syrup…I have connections in Vermont… Honey…I know it’s bee throw up, but whatevs right? 😉 … And unrefined cane sugar when I need it in a recipe. Although I haven’t been able to ditch the chocolate. It’s my Achilles heel.

    I am sure you will do well…carpe dieme…just remember that means seize the day, not sieze the chocolate. 😉


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