Another Weird Weather Post…


I was scrolling thru my photos this AM and discovered this beauty that I had forgotten about. We had a traumatic case of Fog-itis hit our town a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to post about it, so I’m postin now. Lol

Literally the fog was so thick that you could only see about a foot or two in front of you clearly. It was nutsy cuckoo. We do Not get fog like this around here, we don’t live on the lochs in Scotland….Scooby-Doo reference. 😉

This was Pea Soup Fog, this view is from the sidewalk on our cul de sac. All you could see were hazy shapes and dim lights.

The Randomkids were going to a library event that evening. Let’s just say this chicken of the foggie sea turned around after about two blocks and four close calls with parked cars and moving ones too.

I just got an email from a friend that we are now expecting 8-10″ of snow by the weekend.
Gotta love this awesome weather folks. 🙂

Hmmmm, maybe I should just move to Florida…only have to watch out for hurricanes, stingrays, alligators, escaped jungle snakes, and large cockroaches.
Well, that’s a Nopefish. Guess I’ll just enjoy the Wheel of Ridiculous Weather. Spin, spin, spin! Lol

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂
P.S.- Crazy weather got you baffled? Drop me a line or two in the comment box.
Happy Wheel of Weather. Spin, spin, spin. 😀


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