The Receding Hedge Line…

Early this AM we got a knock on our door.
Normally I just ignore people knocking before 9 in the morning, cause isn’t there a rule somewhere about not bugging people before 9AM or after 9PM??  Buuuut the hubby was still trying to get out the door for work, so he answered it.
I came downstairs after getting dressed for the day and presto disappearo, my hubby was nowhere to be found. I turned to go into our kitchen and I spy my hubby’s head passing in front of the kitchen window outside out of the corner of my eye. He appeared to be going around the back of the house. Wha?
I waited until he finally returned and came back in the house.
So, what’s up? I asked him…after patiently waiting a whole 10 minutes with No updates on the mysterious individual at the door or his trip around to the backyard with said individual…
Oh, that was just a tree trimmer, he wants to know if we care if he backs his truck into the yard. They are cutting down the hedge in the back and trimming the tree.
Seriously?? The last house we rented they cut a ton of trees down and the hedge and it looked horrifying!! The trimmers cut everything down and then just left…they didn’t clean ANYTHING up. I literally had to move whole branches out of my way so that I could pull my van into the garage! It was a mess and I was Not happy about the entire travesty. We couldn’t move soon enough after that whole fiasco.
So all I could think of was Oy, vey. Strap in, here we go again.

Well, this is a pic of the early morning start of The Receding Hedge Line.

receding hedgeline 1

After washing a load of dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, and running a few errand, I came back to this.

receding hedgeline 2

Hello, neighbors! And yes that is a shed that is beginning to emerge from behind the Receding Hedge Line. 😮
The Randomkids were mesmerized by the Receding Hedge Line. I couldn’t get them away from the window.
I did a few loads of laundry, worked on the bills, and planned some stuff for school and found they had made it this far.

receding hedgeline3

There’s the shed in all of it’s exposed and unadorned glory…actually the neighbor takes Super nice care of his property…of course that means now We have to take Super nice care of the backyard, sigh.
…aaaand yep that is a trailer complete with tarp cover, previously hidden by the Receding Hedge Line.
I started on making supper and completing the dishes and after a few more hours we were left with this.

receding hedge last

So, there you have it, The Receding Hedge Line is no more.We also got a few inches lopped off our backyard tree and lost the lines on our clothes line, but we shall recover.
The spring shall supposedly bring a fence along the former Receding Hedge Line and we shall hang our clothesline anew and our tree in the backyard will grow ever taller.
Life moves on and hopefully wherever we go next we won’t have anymore Receding Hedge Lines.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- I couldn’t get a cleaned up pic of the backyard because the tree trimming guys were working back there till nightfall. They did a wonderful job making everything tidy and actually made sure to clean up all of their trimmings and wood shavings. Thank you kindly Tree Trimming Dudes. 😀

Have a comment?  As per usual, drop me a line or three in the box.

Happy Kindly Tree Trimmer Appreciation Day!!



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