Adding Up the Cost…

I’m a big one on investments.

I’m always saying to the hubby, “This will be a great investment.” 😀

He’s usually looking at me like…
Really, and just how are these hanging baskets going to be a great investment, and then of course I have to come up with something witty like…
Don’t see these as empty old flower hanging baskets dear, envision them after I’ve cleaned them up a bit and filled them with beautiful flowers and have them hanging in front of the house in the spring. Won’t that look beautiful? They will lift your spirits after a hard day at work and greet you in the morning to prepare you for a new day. 😀

…Besides I usually buy most everything on sale, at yard sales, or at thrift stores…I love me a deal.

So, all that to say. I decided to start keeping a tally of all the money I spend on my writing and illustrating.

I can be a bit hyper focused on money….Ok, a Lot hyper focused on money.  I most definitely don’t want to get all freaky-deaky-do.  Especially cause the hubby doesn’t want me to get all weird about the cost of everything.  He says if I’m happy, he’s happy.  Love ya Babe. 😀

Buuuuut, I also want to be Responsible…Ugh! I hate that grown-up word.  Pleh!

I’d just like to have a running total for my own benefit.

I feel like then I can be wary that my hobby doesn’t turn into the Blob sucking up everything in its path! 😮

Ok, so here’s the sitch… I’m trying to decide if I should keep just totals of what supplies I buy…like art supplies, notebooks, research books, workshop costs, etc…
Or if I should also include any money I spend on food and gas going to writers workshops and my writers group every week.
I don’t want to be too Crazy, but I want to be fair in my totals.

Do any of you out there in Internet land keep a total of your writing costs?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- On the flip side, are there any of you out here in Internet land that do Not keep a total of your writing cost? Would you be willing to chime in on my deliberations? Leave me a line or four in the comment box.

Happy Coin Counting 😀


2 thoughts on “Adding Up the Cost…

  1. Copious chocolate consumption….I hear ya there. 😮
    I usually write with a cup of ghirardelli chocolate chips and a mug of double chocolate cocoa sittin’ next to me. 😀
    I tried eating chocolate one time when I was drawing, but I kept getting chocolatey finger prints all over my paper. :/

    Mystery…I’ll have to give that some thought.

    So, how much did you spend on your writing this month?….I don’t know. It’s a Mysssstery. 😀


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