Mystery Tools in the Kitchen

I am big into yard sales, thrift stores, auctions. Just Love me a good sale period. 😉 Lol

Anyhoo, whenever I’m out I Always seem to find a Mystery Tool.

This weeks mystery tool only took me a few days to find out what it was.
I bought a set of 4 of these edged spoons at our local re-uzit store. I wasn’t exactly sure what they did, but thought they were cool looking so I bought them. 😀

Mystery Tool 1

I actually figured out what they were by watching an episode of I Love Lucy… believe it or not.

On the episode they were eating breakfast and she was using one of these spoons to cut wedges out of her grapefruit! 😀

So I looked it up on the net and sure enough they are most definitely grapefruit spoons.
I didn’t even Know there was such a thing! 😮

I used one today to cut the tops off my breakfast strawberries…of course I’m not sure if that was one of its originally uses, but whatevs. 🙂

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you Foodie Fun experts have any Mystery Tools hiding in Your Kitchen drawers?
Drop me a line or two in box or better yet, blog about it and leave me a link to your post. 😀


3 thoughts on “Mystery Tools in the Kitchen

  1. I have two grapefruit spoons. We’ve been using them for years. They are quite convenient. As far as mystery tools…I don’t think I have any that are mysteries… I have a cool teapot, though. Maybe I should blog about it.

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