The Braces are Off…

My household is finally Braces Free!!! Whoo-Hoo!! 😀

No more teeny tiny rubber bands all over the place.  No more carrying baggies of rubber bands in my purse and van.  No more long lectures about making sure you spend time brushing above your braces and below.  No more constant reminders of, “Do you have your bands in?”
Yay!…doin’ the happy dance. 🙂

Finally the day has come when Randomkid youngest’s teeth are free to just beeeeeee.

Randomkid oldest got his off in the summer and now finally the last Randomkid is done as well.

We just bought his official retainer holder over the weekend… we have learned from friends that had retainer loss issues to make sure the kiddos have an Obvious place to stick their retainers.

So in our house it has become a tradition to buy cool looking mini-lunchboxes for the Randomkids to stick them in.

The youngest Randomkid picked a Dudley Do Right Lunchbox….

That won’t be lost anytime soon. 😀

So, happy days are here again and we have bright white smiles throughout the house. No more metal blindness on sunny days when the Randomkids would throw a grin our way.

Now I’m off to pitch all those ridiculous rubber band baggies into the trashy can. 😀
Yee-haw!….Yes, I’m easily amused. 😉

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in internet land have any orthodontic tales to tell? Leave me a story or 2 in the box.
Happy Toothy Filled Smiles!! 😀


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