On Brushes and Other Arty Type Stuff…

Ok, as some of you who actually read the Randomness that I type already know, I am working on finishing a book I wrote. I am in the final drafts, re-reads, beta readers, and illustration mock-ups part of my journey.

I started a watercolor class and had my first appointment last week. My art teacher showed me some basic watercolor techniques and I’ve been attempting to practice them. I had bought a bunch of supplies from the art store before I went….not really having ANY clue as to what to get. Well, I got all the right stuff Except for brushes. I bought the packs of brushes…still expensive even with my 50% off coupons! 😮

Anyhoo, my art teacher warned me that they might lose bristles. Oh, I thought…no biggie, I have art brushes that I bought at the dollar tree and garage sales and their not so bad, so these brushes…the one from the art store that say recommended for watercolor that cost me wayyyyy more than the dollar store brushes should work just fine. …………….
Uh, No!! Soooooooo No!

I sat down to paint, dipped my brush into the water and before I knew it there were like 20 bristles floating around in my water cup….I hadn’t even started painting yet!!

Well, lets just say that I spent more time pulling bristles out of my artwork than I did Actually painting! 😮

I was soooooo irritated. My paper towel blotter for my brush looked like it had a 6:00 shadow. 😮 😮

After my hubby came home from work, I immediately took the brushes back to the store, returned them and promptly bought new brushes. This time I bought the single brushes…

Well, I thought they were all like $4.00….Um, no. They are so Totally not.

I had several 50% coupons so, I bought a brush and asked my hubby to buy a brush too.
I took my returns up to the counter and the checkout girl asked me if I’d like to use the money from the returns to pay for my brushes. I said, sure that sounds great. All of my returns had totaled like $12. I had grabbed a water color tablet and the brush, so I was expecting to get some change back…the tablet was on sale. Yay!

The girl totaled my stuff and said that will be $8… I looked at her stupid…Uh, uh, uh, uh…I’m sorry, wait, wuh? I was way lost. Lol

The brush that I had picked the one I thought was $4 was actually a $12 brush! Ack! I didn’t know they Made $12 brushes!

My hubby calmly looked at me and said, didn’t you know that’s how much they were babe?
Uh, NO, I did Not! His mom was a wannabe artist and bought all this kind of stuff.
He didn’t even bat an eye, just said go ahead and get it.

The clerk was very nice and switched my expensive brush for the cheaper one my hubby was going to buy so we saved like $6 on the more expensive brush…thank you kind check out girl. 😀
So, I learned my lesson….Price check in Aisle 8!!

Ok, now on to the paintin’. I posted my first tries from last week, now I’ll post my first tries at actual robots.
Remember, these are my firsts…try not to snicker too much. 🙂

Robot Tin Toy Dog

…Doggy Tin Toy Robot

Mr. Machine Tin Toy

…Mr. Machine Type Tin Toy

I know my art teacher wanted to wait to try out robots…she hasn’t even shown me all the techniques yet, but the ADD/Aspie in me wanted…no NEEDED to jump ahead and see what a robot would look like. A local toy robot expert…actually the man who is responsible for the books that I’m currently writing…lent me two books so that I could Actually see on paper some toy robots….I’m a Book kinda gal…Not a computer type of gal. Lol
I need to see a physical picture, not so good with the online pics…I can do it, but I don’t like it. Lol

I’m gonna keep painting and experimenting… maybe I’ll end up with a painting style I like.

This is my second time painting…I have to sneak painting in between, homeschool, cooking, cleaning, mom and wiffle duties, and writing. Lol

The next time I paint I’m going to try and make my painting squares smaller. I’m gonna go smaller till I get to book size. Hopefully I will have time to paint at least 2 more times before I get back to class.

Ve Shall Zee. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


4 thoughts on “On Brushes and Other Arty Type Stuff…

    • Thank you. 😊
      I never did watercolor before. Well, my wonderful elementary school art teacher did show me all about it.
      She was a Marvelous teacher. She’s the whole reason I love art so much. 😀
      Of course elementary school was a loooong time ago, lol. 😮
      But I still remember all the hints and tips Mrs. Hobday showed us about every medium. She really instilled in us a desire to be creative and see just what new heights you could push your art to.🌟
      I think I will post about her. 🤔
      Thanks for the idea! 😎😀

      Liked by 1 person

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