Christmas Cookies in February…

My hubby was getting his tax stuff together and low and behold he found these…..

random christmas cookies

Don’t ask me where they were or how they got there, I just know I found them waiting for me on the kitchen counter…sorta like a long lost cousin that you haven’t seen for 15 years and quite honestly forgot that you had. Lol 🙂

Back at Christmas time our little Homeschool Group had a Christmas party and one of my friends made these little cookies. She said she made them from cornflakes, red hots, white chocolate, and food coloring…I’m pretty sure that was the recipe-ish…of course, this is sad…now that I’m typing this I’m not sure if these were from Homeschool Group or our Writers Up All Night Christmas Extravaganza….Hmmmm. 😀
Yup, the memory is the first to go people, the memory is the first to go. Lol 😉

Well anyhoo, boy was I surprised when these little guys popped up from 2 months ago and in pristine condition! 😮
I think they are just the cutest little things.  They look just like tiny little wreaths.

I tried to convince the hubby that they would make totes adorbs Christmas Ornaments….he said no.
I said that we could even spray them with clear coat if he wanted to…again with the no.

But I took a pic for posterity. 😀
Maybe I’ll just cut out the pics and hang them on the tree…That’s a joke, I wouldn’t Actually do that……….Well, maybe I would. Hmmmmm, again. Lol

I guess happiness can come wrapped in tiny sandwich bag packages. 😀
Yes…still easily amused over here. Lol 😉

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any surprises pop up in your life this week? Random Christmas cookies, a great-great-great Uncle Ralph twice removed on your mother’s side, that receipt that you lost, but needed for the item you bought and absolutely hated and wanted to return to the store?
Leave me a line or 2 in the box.

Happy Surprise Christmas Cookie Appreciation Day! 😀


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