The Amazing Appearing Fence

Wowsers! I woke up this morning to sporadic yelling, banging, and thumping in the backyard. I pulled back the curtains and what did I see?

new fence 1

This Incredibly Amazing Appearing Fence! It popped up out of nowhere! 😮
The snow just melted yesterday, and here today low and behold is this sticking up out of the ground, as if by magic. 😮 😮
I had posted about our Receding Hedge Line a bit ago, and the neighbors had mentioned something about a fence. But I thought that wasn’t until spring…and it was only a possibility. So, Wowsers again!
I looked out 20 minutes later and was met with this..

new fence line 2

Whew! Those guys move Fast!! Greased lightning fast!
So, here we are only a few hours from my discovery of said fence and it is by all appearances…finished. 😮 😮 😮

new fence line 3

It took waaaaay longer for them to cut down and remove the original Hedge line than it did for them to put up and build this fence………..
Like all day, compared to just a few hours. 😮
Hmmmmm, I think there must be moral hidden somewhere here…..
A poem or story prompt maybe?? ……….Hmmmm…again.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do you see a hidden moral, message, meaning in my Receding Hedge Line/Amazing Appearing Fence Posts? Feel free to take the challenge and write a poem, story, or moral. 😀
Leave me a link to your post in the box below. 🙂
Happy Fencing! Lol 😀


22 thoughts on “The Amazing Appearing Fence

  1. I pulled back the curtains and what did I see?
    An amazing white fence peering at me.
    It sprung up in hours – faster than a weed,
    Or any other living thing that grows from a seed.

    As I reflect and ponder on my life;
    What about the fences of division and strife?
    How quickly they can get buried in the ground;
    And then my relationships they can surround.

    When I realize how they’re hurting me
    And decide that I want to be set free,
    They’re posts are driven deep in the soil of my heart.
    Those deceptive fences are hard to tear apart. 😎 😉

    There ya go a poem written by me just for you. Inspired by your thought provoking post. I even stole one of your sentences gor the first line. Don’t you feel honored! 😂

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