Merging into the Blog Lane…

I went to my local monthly writers group, Lancaster Christian Writers.

They had a question and answer panel session for writers.  Whooooaaaa and deep!  Got me some great stuff, but one of the things they talked about was merging all of my crazy Randomness blogs onto one blog under…duh, duh, duuuuuhnnnn…My Real Name. 😮 😮 😮

I like having a secret identity…I feel like Zorro or Spiderman or Megamind…wait, forget that last one, my head isn’t gigantic and blue. 😉   Ooooooo, I know… Batman!  Holy Batcave locator ray Batman!! 😮

Okay, so now I’m thinking…. Do I keep my awesome sauce secret identity or in the name of my future Writer, Illustrator, Artist, Photographer, Ventriloquist Fame-dome do I lose my coolio secret identity and be more like Thor, Captain America, and Tony Hawk?

…Actually I just threw Ventriloquist in there to see if you were paying attention. Lol   😉 😀

Okay. So Secret Identity or the Big Reveal…Hmmmmm…I must think on this burning question for awhile me thinks! :/

Not to mention HOW in the World do I merge all of my chaotic Randomness Bloggies onto one new blog under my Real Identity?  Will one blog be able to contain all of the ADD K-razy Random Aspie-Ness?  Oy Vey Everyone, Oy Vey! 😮


The Bluemoon Thinker…. or Not  🙂

P.S.- Please, please, please, pleeeeeeease weigh in on my not so wonderful decision making skills.  I do better in a think tank. 😀

Leave your 5 cents to a dollar in the comment box below.

Holy Decision Making Batman! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Merging into the Blog Lane…

    • Oooooo, so pretty!!
      I like your site!
      And oh my goodness!! LOOOOVE that Hat!! 😮
      It is very nice to have a lovely face to match up to a lovely name Leona. 😀
      ….hmmmmm, more for me to ponder.
      …Thanks a-lot…being Very sarcastic over here. 😉 😀
      …….Now I’m gonna have to have a good think and a listen from you know who on this. 🙂

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  1. Well, it depends on how you feel better. I don’t like using my name cause I’m an introvert, but when I started my photography blog I really had second thoughts. So I came up with something in between😀😀. As for my writing, if I’ll ever publish something it will be under a pseudonym 😂😂

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