Merging into the Blog Lane…Part Deux

Wow!  Thank you all for weighing in on my chaotic decision making. 😀

Okay, here’s where I’m at on the whole ish.

I decided that I’m definitely going to merge my homeschooling blog with This blog so far.  I’m gonna wait and see how K-razy that is first and then go from there, gradually merging all the rest of my Randomness into one Chaotic Place. Lol  😀

I am still waaaaaaay wishy washy on the secret identity decision.

I must admit that I have to side with Spidey here.

Going incognito is waaaaay more fun and once I actually get one of my Works finished, then I could launch an author site with my Name, True Identity, and Bad Hairday Pics. 😮 😉

Oooookay, so after all of that soul searching…which I’m postponing for a bit, soul searching is tiring doncha know… Whew!… who thought blogging would be so hard…probs no one but me. Oy  😮

I’m going back to my original thought process on Baby Steps Out The Door…Still sooo that guy from What About Bob? Lol 😮

I’m gonna merge some blogs…see how painful that is then it from there. 😀

I am So Totally Waaaaayyyy loving this whole bloggin’, writin’, artin’, creatin’ direction my life is going in….And I am sooo lovin ya’ll.

What an Awesomely Supportive Community of Radness that is the Blogologin Community.

Ya’ll deal with my Random Crazy and actually come back and Encourage me to just be my Randomly Awesomely K-razy Daze ADD & Aspie type self.

Thank you for that aaaaand Blessings on ya’ll Mightily!!!

….I’m tearin’ up over here…and I am soooo Not a crier. Lol 🙂


The Bluemoon Thinker 😀

P.S.- Ya’ll Yesly Rock!!

Happy Bloggin’, Writin’, Photographin’, Arty-in’, Creatin’, and Just Bein’ Free to Be Me…I mean You…Ya know what I mean. Lol




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