Life Prompts…

I was going through my homeschool stuff and found a poetry book that I didn’t know I had. Biiiig surprise there. 😉

It’s a book of 47 poetic forms, sooooo, I decided to highlight each of the forms on my Randomstories Blog…Yay! 47 days of challenging prompts. 😀 😀

47 Days of Poetry!  Hyper-Whoot!!

I’m also challenging myself to post a photo or art project every day M-F during March. Yay! …Again. More reasons to take pictures. 😉 😀

Aaaand, I am also going to attempt to….drumroll please…. combine some blogs! Ta-dah! Lol 😉

So, hopefully with all that and everything else I do, I’ll be able to keep up. We shall see what happens.

On another note…..

This morning I had a new lesson on this always moving forward Not going back pathway I’m on.

I had the proverbial don’t cry over spilled milk sitch…well actually it was spilled glass…well, broken glass….and technically there was spilled water as well. Lol

Anyhoo, my hubby spilled an entire pitcher of water all down the front of himself right before going out the door and not 15 minutes later, I spilled….er, broke a pyrex dish all over the kitchen counter, sink, and floor. Lol

So here’s the thing, in the past that would have set the tone for the entire day for me….. But keeping in mind my new baby steps out the door direction, my hubby and I had a good laugh at his own expense with the water and again at mine with the broken glass later.

…Okay, maybe I wasn’t laughing with the broken glass right away but after I had gathered myself a bit from the shock and irritation and everyone started cracking jokes about it, I felt better.
So, Baby Steps out of the broken glass. Lols!! 😉 🙂

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Taking any interesting challenges, life prompts, or have any inspirational quotes? Yes, Sci-Fi and Action Movie blurbs count. 😉
Just leave em in the box below.

Happy Spilled Milk!….. er, glass, I mean Broken glass. Lol…Wait, spilled Water…Oh good grief! Never mind. 😀


7 thoughts on “Life Prompts…

  1. My all time…ALL TIME…favourite quote is from Robert Brault…. “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” And they always have been, for me! 2nd place is ..’I’ll be back!” LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh my goshness!!!
      I am posting that ridiculously awesome quote somewhere in my house tomorrow!! 😎😎

      My family constantly finds ways to quote movies. It brings a bit of levity to the boring bits of life. Lols 😎🤓😎🤓
      My Randomkids when interrupted by one another will throw out in a mock attitude….Ugh! You threw off my Groove! To which the other will respond… Sooooooooory…as if they are flying into the other room.
      Mu hubby will look back at us before leaving the house for work and quip.. I’ll be back!…. Now my oldest says it too as they go off to work together. Lol
      And somehow everyone in the house manages to work in my personal favorite…admiral ackbars “it’s a trap!” line.
      Apparently it’s the most multi-useful quote in cinematic history… At least in my family. 😉😄


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