Happiness is a New Tire…

It was an eventful day.  🙂

It started innocently enough with a trip to the library to pick up books we put on hold.  We began our trip just fine, but then I did that whole driving without thinking thing… ya know, where you have a destination in mind, but somehow realize that you’ve been lost in thought for the past 10 minutes and have passed the exit you needed several miles ago. 😮

What began as a quick jaunt to the library, turned into a 1 hour drive on back roads following the GPS into territory I had never been to before…Like Star Trek, but without all the cool aliens and the star ship. Lol

Anyhoo, after finally arriving at the library, collecting our books and stopping at a grocery store nearby to fill up our water bottles, I went to get into the car when I realized my front tire was almost completely flat. 😮

What??  The hubster had just filled it up the day before….Oh, dear…this is not good. :/

I was on the other side of the county from my house and the place I get air..for free…I hate when I have to Pay for air…was on back on the other side of the county 15 minutes from my abode.  Grrrrr.

I decided to go for it and drive home…well, at least in the general direction of my home, stopping at my free air station along the way. 😉

I was driving for a while when I realized that I was subconsciously leaning to the right..I guess I was thinking in my mind that leaning to the right was going to somehow counterbalance the car and take the weight off the front tire….Riiiiiiight.  I made sure I sat correctly the rest of the drive.  Oy Vey everyone. Lol

So, I finally reached my destination and got out to put air in the tire.

By this time my tire was Completely and Utterly Flat…like Punctured Flat. Oy Vey…again.

I walked over to the air pump, grabbed the compressor end and realized it was broken!  The sign apparently had blown away and no one replaced it. 😮

So there I am standing like a complete idiot, holding a broken air pump, and staring at my completely flat tire…Really??

I wasn’t quite sure what to do next and the van was making a sickening squishy kinda sound as I drove away and waited at the light thinking of what I should do.

As I drove back towards home I spotted another gas station with an air compressor so I squish-ally pulled into the station and parked next to the air pump….It was a pay pump. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I went inside the gas station and got change.  I went back outside, took off my tire stem cap and popped the 6 quarters into the machine.  I was squatting there next to my flat tire for a full minute before I realized there was no air actually going into the tire..just the air blowy noise proceeding from the compressor end….Apparently I needed to pull a trigger on the side of the compressor pump to start the air pumping into the tire…ya only get 2 minutes for those 6 quarters…Oy vey everyone again!  And a good grief thrown in for good measure!

So, I quickly pulled the trigger thingy and hoped I would have enough time to pump up my tire.  I did, in fact….I over filled the thing by 10 lbs.  *Sigh*  So, I had to push on the stem to take air out of previously sans air tire.  :/

After we finally made it home, I parked the car and said to no one in particular….  Happiness is a New Tire!

My Randomkid youngest just looked at me and said you can say that again. Lol


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.-  Did you ever have one of “those” kinda days?  If you have and want to vent, feel free to leave a line or 3 in the box below.

Happy Spring Days!  May all of your air pumps be free and your tires remain full!! 😀


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