Foodie Fabulous…

My Randomkid youngest got me hooked on all types of cooking shows. 

I swear if he doesn’t grow up to build robots and diabolically take over the world, he’s gonna grow up and cook food and diabolically take over the world. Lols!! 😉😄

So, after binge watching worst cooks ever…or whatever it’s called. 

Now I’m into I’ll have what Phils having. 

I am loving this show. 

Last year I was hooked on mind of a chef, now I’m sooo hooked on cooking shows its ridonkulous!

Maybe cause my diet is sooo restricted I’m looking for ideas to make food fun for myself again. Instead of just enduring my meals. Lol

This show is so great and I’m only on the first episode. He’s in Tokyo. I’ve Never Ever wanted to go to Japan before, but now after watching mind of a chef, jiro dreams of sushi and now this show. I want to go there. 😮 😎

Well, I’m off to see what other awesomeness Phil gets to try. 


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P. S.- Anyone in Blogolog land have another foodie show they highly recommend?

And yes I’ve seen chopped. In fact we had a Teen Chopped Competition. It was awesome sauce. Or maybe I should say it was awesomesaucepan. Lol. The kiddos still keep bugging me for a repeat. 

Happy Foodie Funness!!  ðŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Foodie Fabulous…

    • We have Netflix and YouTube, so I am limited to whatever they have on.
      But I will have to see if I can get Next Food Network Star on YouTube.
      Thank you for the suggestion.
      I am getting some coolio inspiration from these programs on how to make my small selection of food more fun, interesting, and tastier to eat. Yum

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      • Yes I have You Tube but nothing else. I might try Netflix at some point but I am not much of a TV watcher so can’t justify spending the money. I would like to somehow get the Hallmark Channel movies cus I enjoyed watching many of those. I would have to get a Roku and then pay for the Feelin App though so right now it’s just a dream 😊

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        • Lols
          Sadly I was a latchkey kid so TV was my babysitter. So it’s been very hard for me to give up. 😦
          Cable was pretty easy to give up because of protecting the Randomkids from all the crud that pops up at a moments notice. :/
          We had no local library when I was a kid to go to and I taught myself to speed read in 2nd grade so the poor elementary school librarian couldn’t keep up with my voracious reading. Lols :/
          I still remember playing with the rabbit ears to get a station to come in clearer in my teensy black and white set so I could see the next episode of Gilligans Island. 😄
          Maybe some day I’ll be able to give up my TV watching habits. 🙂

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          • I understand and I am not saying it’s all bad. I enjoyed some of it but don’t miss most of it. I still watch a DVD movie occasionally and some videos on You Tube. Glad we have the option of choosing what we want to watch that way. When I lived near the big city I had an antenna that got me 54 channels free but since I moved to this small town antenna won’t bring in anything. So it goes…😊

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            • Some days I could say it’s all bad. Especially when we had cable. 😮
              We use Netflix A lot for school. Thank goodness they have a nice selection of documentaries.
              My Randomkids are extremely visual. Sorta like me and my hubby. Who was also a latch key kid. 😮 lol
              … We try to do TV free time as much as possible so that hopefully I can instill good watching habits the Randomkids will practice when they leave our little abode. 😄
              I guess time will tell. 😀

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