It’s that time of year again
The change of seasons has begun 🙂
The new guard taking over for the old
With it comes the promise of warmer days
More time spent outside in the sun 😀
Daylight savings comes around stealing one hour away from my already too short day
This is the time of year when we homeschoolers bustle about finishing up our year
But this year with my oldest graduating I feel overwhelmed and anxious
Change is a good thing, it can usher in growth and bring around new paths in life
Yet change is scary and unknown :/
So here I sit at 6am writing about feeling overwhelmed by it all 🙂

I wrote this little ditty last night as I hung out in my stairwell hiding out momentarily from the world… 😀

I’m off and running like a shot
Seeking solitude and acting the recluse
Rest and Peacefulness is what I crave
Life is closing in, I’m overwhelmed without real cause
An illusion crafted in my mind?
Is it the seasons change?
Just the time of year?
I’m not quite sure what triggers the urge to hideaway
I only know that I am a boat untethered from its mooring bobbing over murky waters
A kite snapped from it’s stringed anchor and spirited away by the feckless wind

If I could I would visit my peaceful spot
I would sit on a rock and listen to the babbling brook
Watch the small fish dart in and out of the shallows looking for places to hide
Listen to the birds chatting amiably overhead
Breathe in the freeing scents of loamy moss covered earth, lush green forest, and gently flowing water
Finally able to block out the discordant and grating sounds of the world and life
Resetting my mind and listening attentively and peacefully to the Lord’s quiet harmonious voice

But, I cannot

So here I sit in the stairwell, my new thinking place
Ignoring the hum and growl of passing cars and trucks outside
And focusing on the feel of the soft carpet, the smooth wooden walls, and the peaceful seclusion of my new quiet spot where I can sit and hear the Lord’s calming mellifluous voice

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do you have certain times in your life when you just feel Overwhelmed? How do you tackle life’s Overwhelming moments?
Leave a line or 5 in the box.
Happy Fortress of Solituding! 😀


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed…

  1. Yes! I grab my notebook and run away to my favorite park and sit by the stream and write. Or I run away to a prayer garden that is about a 20 min. drive from my house.


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