Grrrammar & Eww-Edits…

Tonight is my weekly Writers get together Scribe’s Oasis. I have a Ton to work on. 😀

I am still working on finishing the last chapter of the story I was working on….sooooo close, but I just can’t seem to sum it up to my liking. Grrrrr

Aaaaand as I sit here working on Grammar with my Randomkid youngest I am Really thinking about my Ross book sitting on my living room table waiting to be edited. I Absolutely Have to finish the final edits on this book! I NEEEED to get it to my next beta readers. I think I am purposely avoiding because I’m scared to put it in the hands of more people. Eeeek! What if they don’t like it??? Aaargh!! What if they say I am The K-Rappiest Writer in the World! What if they offer to burn it in their fire pit for me because we can’t have campfires where we live now?? Aaaaaaaack!!!

Okay, Wow! Really? Campfires?? …Fer Reals, In the words of a wonderful friend…Stop borrowing trouble!! 😀 Lols

So no more avoidance behavior! In the infamous words of Mater the tow truck. Git er done! Lol
So, after Grammar, I am off to finish my Ross edits….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….
Yes, I often randomly quote children’s cartoon and book characters. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Grammar and Editing….You either Like it or Hate it…and there are some who actually Love it….You know who you are. 😉
Which camp do you reside in? The Like, Hate, or Loooove? Lol
Happy Edits!! 😀


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