A Quick Note on Cafés…

My Randomkids started a Writers Group that get together every Friday morning. They’ve been trying to find a good place to go and it feels almost impossible! They would like to have a few places that they can get together and then kind of rotate through them. But so far we’ve only found one café and of course our house.

We tried a new café today and it was an ugly disaster! There are about 5-6 teens so far that are a part of the group so finding a place where they can all sit together can be a bit frustrating.

When we arrived, they all decided to sit outside because it was such a gorgeous day out aaaand the inside of the café was quite warm. I’m not sure if people think that a group of teens meeting in one area Always ends in shenanigans or what, but EVERYONE was giving them the Eeevil Eye! 😮

What the heck?! The kids were like, why is everyone constantly glaring at us?
I was there too and saw what they were saying. It was weird.

They were the most benign looking flock of teens I’d ever seen. Sitting at laptops and notebooks pencils in hand, quietly bantering back and forth or shooting ideas out or asking for help with a writing corner they had written themselves into.

I couldn’t figure out what everyone’s prob was, but it was quite irritating and Extremely frustrating. The teens all felt awkward and uncomfortable so the guys scratched that place off the list of potentials. 😦

They decided to go back to the first café they hung out at which has a Waaaaay better atmosphere and seating arrangement… both outside and inside. Lol

They’ll try another café in a few weeks when their lackluster experience is erased from their mind. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do you hang out at cafés or coffee shops to write? Are we the only peeps out there that have these ishes? Leave a line or 2 as per usual in the box below.
Happy Café Hunting!! 😀


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