Writing Groups Part Deux…

I am learning a lot from my excursions out into the writing world. 🙂

First, every Writing Group offers something different.

For instance, our group, Scribes Oasis, is more of a supportive writing environment.  Emphasis on the writing part.  Our group offers an enjoyable and helpful place where we can write without kiddos, spouses, or unfolded laundry or dirty dishes calling to us from the other room. Coupled with fun writing themed extra days spent socializing and hanging out. We also critique each others work if anyone needs help.  😀

Other groups, like the one I visited last night, offer more of a strictly critique type environment.  Members can bring their stories to be critiqued by the group via email and in person through their writing process.  They also hang out and socialize at various times during the month.

I think my biggest take away from last night is to keep looking for opportunities to meet new writers and learn new things.

Hopefully I will meet a children’s writer or illustrator or another poet soon. 😀

….There sure a lot of Memoir writers, Adult fiction writers, Romance writers, and Non-fiction writers around my area. Lol 🙂

Well, I’m off to finish my people’s supper…again.  A writers work is Always interrupted.  😉


The Bluemoon Thinker   🙂

P.S.-  Actually, there’s no P.S. this time, just wanted to type the letters P.S. a bunch. Lol

Happy Creating! 😀



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