Where did the rest of the year go…

Ack! It’s the end of the school year! 😮

I know that the end of the school year shouldn’t come leaping up at me every year with a giant jump-scare SURPRISE!

Never the less, it always does… sorta like Christmas and Taxes…Lol  😉

So right now we are tying up loose ends… like, “Okay, we did English-check, Science-check, Math-ish..it’s been a crappy year in the math department… Fire & Safety-check, Health? What health? Ohhh crud.”

Yeah, it kinda goes something like that. 🙂 Lols

So anyhoo, here we go again…another year, another portfolio to get together. 😀

Soon, it will be Evalution time. 🙂

Oh look, my Randomkids are randomly wandering around…so I guess I better go figure out what has them soooo lost and get them back on track.  ;D

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Have a hopefully snow-less weekend and an awesome type kinda day. 😀

Happy Homeschoolin’!  If ya do that is. 😉

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