What’s on Your Plate??

It’s time for another installment of… What’s – On – Your – Plate???
Here’s this week’s selection…

Surprise in the Pan

We were low on food for me this week so I had one of my all time fave fall backs the Surprise in the Pan.

This time I cooked up some bacon and cut it into bite sized pieces then sautéed halved new red potatoes in olive oil until they were crispy and brown then I sprinkled the bacon all over and cracked 4 eggs into it cooking them till just soft baked so all the yummy egg goooooodness was still inside. I topped with thick slices of Monterey Jack cheese and drizzled ranch dressing and homemade honey mustard sauce over the top. Ohhhh my goodness! It was so delish!

This is by far my favorite type of dish now. It is so versatile and Always comes out absolutely fantastic!

So, there ya have it…That’s What’s on My Plate… Now, what’s on yours?

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Please leave a link to your post about… What’s on Your Plate??… in the comment section or leave me a line or 3 with a description or recipe…I’m always looking for new things to cook for the fam. 😀

Happy Surprise in the Pan!!


13 thoughts on “What’s on Your Plate??

    • Hey Girl!! 😎
      Nah, not promoting yet.
      Just taking a Life Retreat and getting some time away from bloggin, writin, paintin, drawin, clickin pics, and everything else that sorta has taken over my life lately.
      I will be gettin back at it in June, but it’s been a nice time off.
      The only bad part is missing out on all y’all awesome posts, pics, and creativity. 😕
      How’s life been flowin for you? I hope you have been your usual Ultra Creative Selfness. 😎😎😎
      See ya in a week-ish.

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