I’m Baaaaaaaaaack…

I know, I know, everyone run and hide while you still have the chance…Women and children first! 😉

But seriously, I’m back from my Life Retreat/StayCay.  I needed a break from blogging for a bit so that I could finish off my kiddos school year and get my oldest grad-e-ate-ed proper-like.

So now we are officially done with school…well, except for the turnin’ in the paperwork to the school district bit…that’s gonna be done by Friday. 😀

And my Randomkid Oldest is officially graduated… has the signed diploma to prove it. 😉

He’s off workin’ with his dad learnin’ the family business full time now.

The Randomkid Shorty is still hangin’ about, but he’s getting older and more self sufficient by the minute.

Heck after Christmas this year he’ll be old enough to drive!  Ack!! Everyone get off the sidewalks Pronto!

My book is sitting in the safe and capable hands of my beta readers….haven’t heard much from them, except for one….I’ll take that as a good sign for now.

At least they didn’t read it in an hour, chuck it at my head, and run off screaming into the sunset never to be seen again. 😀

I decided I didn’t want to waste my brief summer of June.  I actually took the time to create a daily schedule for myself and boy do I have a lot of free time!

No more ridiculous excuses about not having enough time to write and to do my arty type stuff.

Of course that means I have time to clean and tidy the house too….Bleh!…Oh, well.  You can’t have everything in life be fun and games…. course if this life was more like a cartoon, I could attach sponges to my feet and skate my way to a clean house.  *sigh*

Thank you cartoons for screwing up my reality.  Lols

So any-hoo, I’m back from my blogging staycay and I will be blogging as the muse hits…. I still haven’t assembled all my blogs together yet, still waitin on that….I’m sorta pretending that all the blogs had a falling out with each other and aren’t working together right now…. Sorta like the Avengers in Captain America Civil War. 😉

Well I’m off to plant my newly bought Gerber Daisies….all 14 of them!!…..But more on that in the next installment of Random Thoughts Under a Blue Moon…………………….

The Revenge of the Auction House Caller.  😀


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.-  Have you taken a Life Retreat and/or StayCay lately?  Leave me a line or 3 in the comment section below.

It’s good to be back! 🙂

Cheers to New Bloggin’ Beginnings and Summer! 😀


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