Con-Graduations! Lols

Life has been extremely busy.  We were busy with graduation party plans for my Randomkid Oldest.  I was going to have my son’s party at a friend’s house, but it didn’t work out to.  So, because I had already put a lot of work into the deck and backyard, we decided to just have the party at our house.  I was really worried about what was going to happen because the most people we ever had at our house was about 20 and it was Pretty tight.  Luckily it was just teens, and for some reason teens don’t mind squishy.  They’re just weird. Lols

We decided to open the entire house up.  We had a lot to do and only a few days to do it.  On top of everything the Randomkid Oldest got sick. 😦

We worked really hard and cleaned, decorated, and rearranged furniture from the top to the bottom of the house and from the front yard to the back yard.





The day of the party the Randomkid Oldest was feeling terribly under the weather, but he pressed on anyway.

We had a fun night planned.  Everything we do at our house is always just a bit different.  So we decided to have a Comedy Roast.

A few friends brought their music stuff so we had a live band.  🙂

One of my awesome sauce friends was our photographer for the evening. 😀

We had snacks, homemade sweets, board games, and video games for the kids and teens to play.

We started out the night and opened the mic up for anyone who had a nice or not so nice story to tell about the Randomkid Oldest.  It was Extremely funny.  We had people telling  embarrassing stories, hysterical stories, and even some nice stories too.  😉  Lol

We handed him his diploma and then everyone came up and prayed over him.

After that, we blessed the food and everyone scattered to go have fun. 😀

We had put a sound system on the deck and the hubby had attached colored lights to the deck railing so when it got dark and the lights got plugged in, everyone oooooohed and aaaaaaahed.




The band played until 10pm cause we were not trying to annoy the neighbors too much.

We didn’t have the last people leave till 11:30pm.  It was a great night overall.

Annnd we didn’t hear a peep from the Randomkid Oldest till 10 am the next day. Rofls!


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


Anyone attend Con-Graduation events?  What really stuck out to you as the highlight of the night?  Please leave a line or 3 in the box below as usual.

Happy Con-Graduation!!!! 😀


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