Adventures in Tiny Gardening…

My lovely friend Susan… Yes, the Susan of Sue’s Nook.  😀

She made this Absolutely Adorable Tiny Garden for me!

Fairy Garden

She has become a Masterful Fairy Garden Creator.  Every miniature world she makes comes complete with it’s own original poem written by none other than Sue herself. 😀

Land of Stories

Susan even took the time to fit my special housing needs.  I have Very narrow window sills, but she compensated for this by hunting down a beautiful narrow planter and  a cute little accompanying planter to make up for the limited space in the bigger planter.  Isn’t it just the absolute Most!

I love it, and am absolutely honored to have been given one.

So thank you sooo much Susan! 😀

Please check out Sue’s site and peruse all the cool things there are to see.  🙂


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.- This wonderful gift inspired a Flash Fiction Story… Little Green Gardens.

Thanks Susan! 😀


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