November 16th, 2016…

Dear Diary,
I mean WordPress,

I have finally come back to The Land of the Internet Lulz. 😀
After a long hiatus due to the dreaded Homeschool Apocalypse that we will call the Randomkid Youngest’s first year of highschool, I am back for some much needed typing of Completely Nonsensical Ramblings and Made-Up-Isms. 😉

I have been incredibly busy teaching this last final kiddo of mine so that I can see him out the door correctly in three more years and finally be on my own to have more time for blogging. 😉
I am Absolutely joking…kind of.

No, for reals, school has been going quite well.  We are just Incredibly Busy!
My life is full of School, Group Activities, Field Trips, More School, Social Events with Friends, More School, More Group Activities, More Field Trips, and More Friendly Social Events!
My oldest was Never this Active and he’s the more Social kid out of the two.  Ack!

I have also been working on finishing my Bicusped Molar and the Gap-Toothed Monster Manuscript. 🙂

I just finished working out details on illustrations. So I can begin drawing in earnest. 😀
And even though I haven’t totally Fleshed out the ending to the story, I’ve started rewrites on the first half of the book.  Lol

So, between cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, and school… I am still finding time to work on my writing goals.
But alas and alack, there hasn’t been any wiggle room to fit in Blogging. 😦

I miss you all in Internet Land.  Hopefully I can visit more often.

I’ve started a new idea with the Last Randomkid in School-dom.
He is starting up a WordPress site as part of Creative Writing in English.
So soon we can blog at the same time…his idea, not mine.  Isn’t he just the sweetest Randomkid Ever!! 😀

Okay, I’m off to finish The Hound of the Baskervilles literary discussion, Resumes for Mock Interviews for Speech Class, and Biology with Ye Olde Randomkid.

Have an Awesome Sauce Kinda Day Today all my Internet Peeps!!
Love ya lots and hopefully I’ll be able to come out and play more.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

I’m dropping a pic on my Random Places Press & flingin a poem at my Random Stories Press… Feel free to meander over there if ya have the time. Latah, Peeeeace!


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