A Fish Tale- The Continuing Saga…

Hello there again all you lovely people of internet land.  We had some more fish fun today, but I’ll share that another time.  It’s better to start at the beginning.

Now where did I leave off last time?  Oh, yes.  We had the tank all set up and the fish were swimming around with all the happy feels a fish could have.

Now when we got the fish from their owner she gave us the basics of fish care and we had looked up the rest.  But they are just fish right?  I wouldn’t need to know any previous history on the fish right?  I mean they are just fish…feed em, make sure their water is filtered well, aerated, do a water change so they can be happy.  Fairly straight forward you’d think.

But no, it’s apparently Not as easy as it sounds.  As we were soon to find out.

Let the tale of the fish saga begin.

We set up the tank on a Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday the 8th to be exact.  The fish seemed very happy in their newly relocated aquarium.  We gave them a bit to eat because their owner hadn’t fed them the evening before in preparation for the move.  According to the internet it’s better for the fish to have empty tummies before transporting them somewhere. We kept their light on for the rest afternoon and evening until bedtime.

The next morning I woke up bright and early, 6am to be exact.  I turned on their light and went about my normal daily chores.  The owner had provided us with everything we needed to care for the fish.  Food, extra filter replacement pads, pretty much you name it and she gave it to us.

She suggested that the Randomkid feed them twice a day so that we would have more info. for the Biology log.

So like clockwork the Randomkid fed the fish once in the morning and once in the evening.

The first thing we decided to do was figure out what type of goldfish they were and see if we could sex them.  Off to the internet we scampered in search of all things goldfish related.

We discovered that one fish was a comet and the other fish was a shebunkin.  The comet was golden in color, small and thin with a flowing tail. The shebunkin was mostly white with red coloring across the top of it’s body and was larger than the comet and sorta rounded.  We were fairly certain that the comet, who the Randomkid named Goldie, was a boy and the shebunkin, who the Randomkid named Red, was a girl. In case you’re takin’ notes…write down foreshadowing.  😉

We only had the doggone things for 3 days when we noticed something unusual about their behavior.

The fish were constantly lipping at the top of the tank, we looked it up and the internet sages said that meant they didn’t have enough oxygen.  We didn’t think that was the probs so we kept searching. Another reason for the lipping that the internet authorities gave was that the fish were trying to inflate their swim bladders.  My first question was…what’s a swim bladder.

The randomkid had been observing the fish for the day and by the evening had noticed that both of them, especially Red was having an extremely difficult time swimming to the bottom of the tank.

In fact, by the end of the night she couldn’t swim down at all.  She’d just keep bobbing back up to the top of the water like a fishy cork.  She was Not a happy camper.  😦

So after more research and a few calls to the fish owner we found out that apparently they were both suffering from something called floatbloat….basically they were full of crap and couldn’t poop.

The fish were used to eating floating food and the food we were giving them was sinking food… which is supposedly better for fish.  Riiiiight.

We didn’t feed them for a day, something else the fish gurus on the internet advised to do, and that seemed to rectify the issue.  We also only fed them once a day.

We happily went on our merry way believing that all was once again well with the fishy world.
Oh, if only we’d known all the fun times that were still in store for us….Don’t blink, you just might miss out on all the fishy action.

But more on that next time,

The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂


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