Right Lane Closed in 1 Mile…

Hello there all you wonderful internet land dwellers. 😀

I’m stoppin’ in for a quick update…I have sooooo much to blog about!!!! 😮

Comic Cons to Writers Retreats to Memorials of a loved ones passing to More on the Fish News Front!

But first I am making some changes to my blog.  I was going to make some big changes a few months back and I didn’t because I was still unsure about what to do, but Now I’m Positive about what to do….I think. ;)-

So, in the next few days when my life slows down enough to actually Breathe…more on that later… I will be changin’ some things around on here.  I will update as I go.

Until then, have an Awesome Sauce Week!!

I’m off to a Writer’s Workshop with my Randomkiddos.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


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