Write, Draw, Write, Draw, Write, Draw…Oh, and Craft a bit too

Hello all you wonderful internet land dwellers,

I’ve been diligently slaving away at the old keyboard working on the rewrite phase of my toothfairy book….Sigh. I Absoposolutely do NOT like rewriting. Bleh. :/

To bring everyone up to speed….cause it’s been forever and a day since I’ve been here in the land of internet…. I’ve been writing a book called Biscuped Molar and the Gaptoothed Monster.
It’s a children’s book…for those of you who were unsure. ;)-

I am currently in the rewrite phase and the first stages of illustrations.
Yeppers, I am also doing my own illustrations, because I have control issues and apparently just don’t have enough to keep me busy. XD

I have given myself till the end of the year to complete the book and publish it. Ve shall zee how it goes. ;)-

And on the homefront, I have only one more week left and I will be finished with the ninth grade year of homeschool with my youngest……..highschool, the fun years. Lols
I am sooo excited to have this year completed. We only take off one month in June and then start up again on July 1st. And I have a Ton to accomplish during my only month off! 😮

In fact, just because I don’t fill my plate with enough things to do, I decided to do an arts and crafts fair with a friend. 🙂

I know it’s pretty kooky, but I’m looking forward to gaining the experience it will give me with selling my product. I’m also hoping to learn how to better market myself, my art, and my books. Maybe, just maybe, it will also move me forward in embracing myself as an artist.

I know, that’s crazy talk…I’m just a dabbler in artsy type things right? A lot of us in the writing and art community have a hard time breaking ourselves out of the teensy tiny molds we squish ourselves into. “Well I’m not really an artist, I just draw as a hobby.” or “I’m not a published author or anything, I just write here and there in my spare time.” Lols

So, even though I’m going K-razy with this fair that is coming up, I’m still excited to learn from a new experience and grow out of my comfort zone a bit more. 🙂

Gotta love life even if it’s fast and furious! 😀

Have any of you out there in the land of net ever been involved in an art or craft show? What was your experience like? Got any tips for me?

I’m off to work on my Next Chapter in Bicusped.
Just keep rewriting, Just keep rewriting, what will we do just rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


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