Hello all ya’ll wonderful peeps out there in the Netland,

I’m working hard on life right now:

Reading…Making sure I stay in the informational loop. 😮
Writing…Well, actually Rewriting…Although I have a ton of my other stories calling out to me to be attended to as well. 😮
Sketching…Workin’ out my Bicusped illustrations. 😮
Painting…I’m attempting some new art styles for the Craft Show. Hopefully they go well. 😮
Crafting…I have Exactly five weeks to create something awesome to sell. 😮
Homeschooling…Heavy on the Homeschooling right now. 😮  Only four more days to D-day. (evaluations)
…I won’t even mention day to day housework and family time right now. Ack! 😮 😮 😮

It seems that my life is chock full of patterns.  Crazy zigzag patterns that run every which way, happily intersecting here and catastrophically crashing into one another there.

My art tends to flow into my writing, my writing tends to flow into my art, and homeschool is a constant theme touching everything that I do.

Life is full of patterns and that’s Extremely cool.

Life would be terribly boring if everything was just solid lines going all in one direction or one flat color stretching on and on into oblivion.

I am learning to embrace all the chaotic patterns in my life.  You know, be Zen in the Storm.  Because storms can be beautiful and exciting.

Well enough random blabbery from me.  I must get back to the K-razy patterns in my life and see what tapestry they create today.

So, Embrace your chaos and be Chill in the storms.  😉


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


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