One Down, A Thousand More to Go…

Today was my Official last day of homeschool with the Freshman. Yes! 🙂

I now have the entire month of June to do anything I want.
Okay….maybe not the Entire month….and maybe not Anything I want.

The first thing I’m doing this evening is making a list….well, a Ton of  lists, but I’m writing lists so that I don’t forget to do anything. 😀

Art Show…..Check.

Bicusped Rewrites and Illustrations….Check.

Finish Up Homeschool Legaleze Paperwork…..Check.

Prep for Writer’s Retreat….Check.

Prep for Writer’s Critique Group Picnic….Check.

Prep for Too Many Games Expo…..Check.

Prep for Celtic Fling…..Check.

Hmmmmm…..I know I’m forgetting some things….

Oh!  Plan Out of the Box Homeschool Group Hello Summer Party….Check.

I know I’m still missing a few things….but ya’ll get the idea.  I’m busy.   XD

Lists help me stay organized and Sane! 🙂
It’s easy for me to get so caught up in the how am I going to do this(s), the why am I doing this again(s), the where is this going to take place now(s), and the what the heck was I thinking(s) that I tend to forget about the everyday things in life….You know, dishes, laundry, Quality family time, Hubby time, Nights out with Friends, Etc…

I tend to Hyperfocus on whatever is in front of my eyeballs at the moment…Not a good thing to do when you are busy spinning a ton of plates waiting for you to attend to them as well.

Lists help me to keep me living in the moment.  Looking at the here and now, but also watching out for what’s coming on the horizon.
My hubby teases me about my calendar and notebook collection. I have a calendar for just about everything and a notebook to go with them all.
But, I get it all done and don’t go Too crazy doing so.

So three cheers for Organized Chaos and Handling Hectic Schedules without losing your mind.

Well, I best be off to start my first list right now…I almost typed Write now…Lols

For all you other Busy Bee Peeps out there, just remember to take time to smell the roses and tiptoe through the tulips while you are running around like the Krazy days peeps that you are. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


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