Thursday Thirteen….

My friend from over at Sue’s Nook linked me to this fun idea and I thought I’d give it a go.

Thirteen things to cross off my to do list….but probably won’t. 😉

13. Try One New Thing Today
…Ooooo, I can check this off because I’m doing something new right now! 😀

12. Exercise Twice
…Cool! I can half check this off. I’ve already gotten in a walk today, just need to do some Yoga.

11. Make Supper
…I’m on a roll! Check! Supper is Done and Done.

10. Clean Up The Office
…Well, organize the desk in the upstairs hallway…Which is our idea of an office…. Ya gotta go with what ya got. 😉

9. Organize My Art Supplies
…First words that come to mind are Aaaaaaaaah! Run Away!! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

8. Find A Good Place To Store My Art Supplies
…Bwahahahahahaha!! Sorry, knee jerk reaction.
What the back corner of the bedroom, the kitchen table, the corner of the living room, and the floor of the “office” aren’t good choices already? 😮

7. Organize My Writing Schtuff
…How To Books, Manuscripts, Books for Inspiration, Copies of Manuscripts, Library Books, Folders of Notes, Did I mention Books?

6. Create A Place To Put My Writing Schtuff
…Bwahahahahaha!! What, boxing everything and listing what all is in each box on pretty little labels and the then storing them all in the basement isn’t working out perfectly. *Insert Rolleyes Emoji of your choice Here*

5. Catch Up The Laundry
…Right. Never gonna happen. I should change it to say Downsize All Laundry To One Outfit Per Family Member. XD

4. Finish Dishes
…Sigh. Just Sigh.

3. Submit Writer Critique For This Week
…Will be checked off soon. I will be working on that tonight. 😀

2. Start Story Boards for Bicusped and Ross Rossum Stories
…What’s a Story Board again?? 😉

1. Finish All Rewrites for Bicusped & Ross Rossum
…This is the Rewrite that never ends, it goes on and on my friend. Some author started rewriting it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continuing rewriting it forever just because…

Aaaand there you have it. Thirteen Things I Should Cross Off My To Do List…But Probably Won’t.

That wasn’t too bad.  I Actually had some things crossed off and others ready to be expunged from the list.  😮
I should Totally write ALL of my To Do Lists like this from now on.  XD  😀

Anyhoo, for More listing fun hop on over to New Thursday 13. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen….

    • Absolutely spot on!! 😀

      I need to invest in some paper bowls… Got the fam using the plates and cups, but not the bowls.

      My youngest said the other day that someone should come up with an idea for disposable pots and pans….the universal hatred for washing pots and pans is strong with that one. Lol


  1. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen – please come back and play again this week! Your “to do” list is a lot like mine. I have an office full of paper that needs sorting and it tends to make me want to run away screaming when I think about tackling it.

    Liked by 1 person

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