Comic Cons are the perfect treat to make this Geek’s week…

Cons…It’s become the preferred nickname for conventions.  Our family just started attending them last year.

They are basically a place where fans of a particular subject like comic books gather to meet creators, artists, cosplayers, and purchase discounted stuff from vendors.  A lot of people go to cons in cosplay….they dress up like their favorite character from a comic, movie, book, etc…

Cons are Extremely fun to go to and the people are usually super nice and very friendly.  Even if no one knows what my kids have dressed up as people still comment and ask for pictures with them.

We’ve attended two comic cons, a video game con, a comic book con, and we will be going to a retro con in a couple of months. 😀

Yesterday we went to a small comic con about a hour and a half away from us.
We took a family friend and spent some time wandering around talking with artists and cosplayers and buying vendor merch.

It was Extremely small compared to the other places that we’ve visited, but it was really cheap to get in.

The kids had a fun time and it’s a great excuse to dress up like their favorite character and have little kids point and exclaim, “Look it’s Punisher and Bucky!!” XD

My youngest kiddo tends to cosplay as really specific characters from obscure video games.  The only place anyone recognized any of the characters was at the gamer con that we went to in June.
It’s all good though, people always comment on the detail that is put into the cosplay outfits whether the character is common or not.  😀

The Cons are one of the few places that we visit that the kiddos always talk about how nice everyone is.
Most people who go to a con are just there to have a fun time with family and friends.
It’s a nice atmosphere and always makes the trip to get there worthwhile.

My kiddos are prepping their costumes for the Retro Con that we are going to in a few months.  Even though it was small, it was nice to have a taste of another con until the next one in the fall. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.-  Anyone else out there in internet land get their geek on at a Con?  What was your favorite thing about it and did you cosplay as anyone?

Have a great week and Live Long and Prosper. 😉


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