2017…Summer of the Rocks

I was telling my Randomkid that we should start calling this summer- The Summer of the Rocks.  😮

We travel a particular stretch of highway almost every other day.  This year is the first year in all of my time living around here that my vehicle has been hit by anything, much less rocks. :/

It all started at the absolute beginning of summer.

I was driving down the highway minding my own business when out of nowhere a rock pings off my windshield.  Thankfully nothing happened to my windshield, but the sound and surprise of a rock pinging off my window nearly made me jump right out of the car. 😀

A few months later I was driving along the same stretch of road and suddenly out of the clear blue sky and gigantic rock the size of a walnut drops onto my windshield leaving a nickle sized divet behind. 😮 😦

Obviously I immediately assumed that some passing bird of prey who had recently lost a relative to the accursed vehicles traveling along their flight route had dropped the rock squarely on my windshield in a valiant attempt at revenge.

There was no other vehicles anywhere around me.  There was a construction site tractor trailer a few miles ahead of me, but Obviously it couldn’t have been him right?  On this particular stretch of highway the two opposing lanes are separated by a wide strip of grass maybe 40 or 50 feet across.  So, I figured it couldn’t have come from the opposing lane either…..It had to be a vigilante hawk! 😮  XD

Our vehicle had to be inspected a month later so we got our windshield repaired.  Thankfully it wasn’t too costly and the only reminder of the divet is a teeny tiny hole where the crater used to reside.

Since the encounter with the vigilante hawk our vehicle has been winged (no pun intended) by a few small pebbles and stones from passing dump trucks, concrete trucks, and other sundry construction vehicles.  Nothing to be too upset about.

But life is full of changes.   As I was driving down this same stretch of highway blithely chatting away with my randomkid and just enjoying the beautiful day, a construction tractor trailer passed my van and decided to cut in front of me.

I don’t like tractor trailers in general. (truck drivers are cool, my dad used to be one)  Being too close to a tractor trailer whether being in front, behind, or beside Always makes me nervous.  So I do my best to give them a wide berth.  But this particular truck must have wanted to get better acquainted with my shiny silver vehicle. :/

I slowed down to give the thing my customary four car length buffer zone, and resumed my happy drive.

Suddenly out of nowhere something hits my vehicle and emanates the resounding Ping of rock hitting metal.  It was so loud the sound bounced around the interior of my vehicle for a full minute before my Randomkid shouts out from the back seat, What was That?!

My reply… That, kiddo, is just the rousing sounds of The Summer of the Rocks. :/

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- My submission for The Thursday Thirteen…
13 Things that gravitate at great speeds towards vehicles~

13. Dirt… My white car is always tan and my black car is always grey…sigh

12. Mud… Every single time there is a puddle it finds me

11. Bugs… Contrary to popular belief my car is Not a flower

10. Birds… You’re in my flight pattern here!

9. Snakes… okay, they don’t gravitate at great speeds, but whatever

8. Groundhogs… I think they spend more time on the road than in the grass

7. Turtles… again with the non-gravitating at great speed, but yeah

6. Skunks… It’s a skunk! Quick everyone roll up your windows!

5. Deer… Such a bad day for everyone involved

4. Squirrels… sometimes they will literally Leap into the side of your car!

3. Other Vehicles… driven by young newbies or older too longies

2. Parts of other Vehicles… remember that one time a guys entire exhaust system fell off after he went over that speed bump?

1. Rocks, stones, pebbles, did I mention rocks??


….Need more Lists??  Head on over to Thursday 13 for more listing fun. 😀


13 thoughts on “2017…Summer of the Rocks

    • My hubby and I were discussing how Americans respond to emergency workers on highways yesterday….The words Oy Vey, Doy, Oh, Good Grief, and Italian gesticulation and lots of head smacking were involved.
      Today as my Randomkid youngest and I were off to do a bit of grocery shopping at BJ’s we were discussing if it was Really Thursday today or just Friday in disguise.
      By the look and feel of urgency from the other drivers out there I’m fairly certain Friday is masquerading as a Thursday. Lols


    • We have encounters with deer quite frequently around where I live.
      One of my most memorable encounters happened late at night after visiting a friends house.
      I was taking a back road home when I felt a presence to the left of me.
      Considering I was driving about 30 miles an hour down the road I thought that was unusual. I had my windows down enjoying the nighttime air in the wooded country.
      I looked to my left and did a double take.
      A large beautiful buck was running right beside my van. I could’ve literally reached out and touched him.
      We were at eye level so when I looked over and saw him I dropped my mouth open and instinctually veered away a bit.
      The hysterical thing? He saw me and looked every bit as surprised to see me as I was him. Thankfully we had come to a break in the woods and he veered off and booked it into the field.
      I will never forget the look of What the Heck?! on his face.
      “Watch it lady I’m runnin’ here… Road hog.
      Sheesh, women drivers.” 😂😂


  1. One day not too long ago, I managed to take out a chipmunk on my way into the village & a goldfinch on my way home (although, to be fair, the bird hit me, not the other way around). When I got home My Beloved Sandra’s car was already in the garage, badly rumpled from the deer that interfered with her commute.

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