King of the Party…

The Birthday Boy sits on his throne.  Red, blue, silver, and white dots of color bob and sway around him.  At his right hand, a table draped in red cloth and bedecked with assorted Superhero emblazoned decorations.  The table groans under its burden, heavily laden with every shape and size of mysterious wrapped packages waiting to be opened.  On the Boy’s left hand sits another table spread with a delicious mix of salty snacks, sweet fruit, and thirst quenching drinks tucked away in ice filled chests.  Taking center stage, like a performer before the king’s throne stands an enormous rectangle cake brandishing the traditional Happy Birthday greeting and showcasing a plastic, blinking disembodied Superhero head.

The Birthday Boy gazes over his attentive audience of party goers.  Mothers quietly chatter among themselves at tables on the outskirts of his domain, the Park Pavilion.  Excited children wait expectantly for the first hint that the party games will begin.  A gentle breeze stirs the air and the balloons shift and bump into each other making hollow thumping sounds around the king’s head.

He stirs himself from his Lordly perch and descends to the waiting masses.  They gather and swell around him, jostling along through the pavilion.  On they move, between the tables, and gaining steam as they race along in an undulating mass until finally spilling out onto the baseball field in the middle of the park.

The Birthday Boy opens his first present of the day right there on home plate, a brand new, shiny raspberry colored aluminum baseball bat.  He points regally to each member of the party revelers, motioning them with a wave of his hand, sending them to various spots around the empty field.  The ball is pitched and the Birthday Boy lines up his hit, knocking the ball back the way it came like a shot from a cannon.

The party guests turned baseball players scramble to catch the ball as it lands beyond their line and rolls a straight path along the unmown grass.  After leading his team of players around the field under the blazing sun for a good long while, the king marches his ball players turned birthday revelers sweaty, hot, and exhausted back to the cool and peaceful oasis of the pavilion.

Crowding and pushing against each other, the Birthday Boy leads his obedient horde to the waiting treasure filled chests of cold, icy refreshments.  Sipping on a perfectly chilled juice box, the King retires once again to his colorful throne.  He sits watching his birthday guests as they cool themselves in the light breeze flowing through the shaded pavilion.

After a brief respite, he gestures to his mother and the mysterious packages on the present table are laid at his feet for his inspection.  Picking one of the largest, brightly colored shapes, the Birthday Boy tears into each package with unbridled fervor.  He makes quick work of the dwindling pile of assorted packages and sits afterward surrounded by bits and pieces of loose paper and torn envelopes.

The Birthday Boy, having thanked his party revelers for their thoughtful presents, eyes his next conquest, a bright red and blue Superhero torso hanging at the far end of the pavilion.  He descends from his balloon bedecked throne and leads his birthday guests turned pinata assassins to the waiting candy filled victim.  The Birthday Boy orders everyone into a crooked circle and each assassin in turn takes a colored tassel hanging from the base of the treat hiding Trojan Superhero.  On the word go, every assassin at once yanks the coiled tendrils, effectively releasing the hatch on the pinata and disemboweling the cardboard structure, sending cascades of candy, chocolate, and dum-dums onto the heads of the pinata assassins turned birthday revelers.  Each squealing in delight and filling their bags with delicious sweets, none being any louder than the King himself.

The Birthday Boy leads his plunder laden crew back to their seats.  Spread out before them are table settings of Superhero themed plates, cups, and napkins, generously filled with snacks of every variety.  The Birthday Boy is seated amidst the very heart of his party goers turned followers. The wondrous Superhero bejeweled cake is set before him, with red and blue candles set alight and a large candle shaped like a number six commemorating the number of birthdays being celebrated.  After the customary Birthday Song, the King filling his lungs with a swell of air, blows all of his candle out with one breath.  His merry band of guests gladly accept each plateful of cake and busily engage themselves with the task of filling their empty stomachs.

Contentedly full and with blue icing tinged lips, the Birthday Boy retires once again to his brightly adorned throne and happily watches his party guests as they pass in front of him on their way out, thanking him for being invited to such a wonderful and amazing event.  Each reveler files out of the pavilion and into their vehicles holding their bag of sweets, Superhero straw and cup keepsakes, clutched tightly to their chests.

Jostling softly side to side on the ride home in the back seat of his mother’s car, the Birthday Boy turned sleeping child smiles pleasantly to himself as he dreams of next year’s Birthday Bash when he will become the Birthday Boy once again.

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