Head Hopping…Why’d it have to be Head Hopping?!

Hello all you lovely peeps in Internet Land! 🙂

My toothfairy book is 70% ready to print-ish…still sorta stumbling my way through that whole process…but Youtube is my Friend. Lols

So, I decided to tackle the Very First book I’d ever written.  I’m going back over it, editing it.  I wanted a second opinion, so I took it to my critique group.  They enjoyed the actual storyline and wanted to hear more….but I had one Massively Glaring Error that I hadn’t Picked up on…probs cause I see the whole story laid out in my head. Lols

…..It has a Terrible case of the Head Hops!!! 😮
Ohhhhhh, Good Grief!! I am soo totes not happy right now.:(

Like I said before, this is the first book I had ever written.  I started it like 3 years ago…I’ve learned a ton since then so I knew there would be probs…but Why’d it have to Head Hopping. 😮 Ack!

I usually write in first person…it’s my preferred mode of writing.  But this story is in third person…I am soooooo not good at writing in third person. Plehs! 😦

Whew! I can do this…If Indy handled snakes, I can diagnose and correct my head hopping ishes….right?  I hope?  Lols XD

Apparently I will be immersing myself in research and development on How to fix my Ish!  Again, Youtube is my Friend. 😉
Wish me Luck!

The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

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