IPod Jail, Social Media Time-Outs, & Other News…

Hello all of you Lovely Internet Land Dwellers! ❤

So, I've been reading through two new books.  It's been an extremely slooooooow go, but I'm still tromping on Valiantly and taking notes along the way.

The first book is called The Productivity Ninja and the second book is called Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.  Are you sensing a theme here? Hmmmm? Lols 😉

I have Always had a Terrible time with procrastinating.  Oh sure in my head I am the Most Organized Person in the World-orld-orld!
…But in Reeaality, I put off Everything till the last minute. 😮  It's Not because I don't like to get stuff done, it's just that getting all the stuff done stresses me the heck Out! 😦  I just want to go hide in my room and binge watch Youtube Vids, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.  I know it's terrible. :/

I should just be cool with facing things head on, getting focused, organized, and get my stuff done.

But lately with finishing the final homeschooling year for the 12th grader, attempting to downsize our stuff & sell what we don't want anymore, general cooking, cleaning, and keeping the ship in ship-shape or at least afloat has me pulling out my hair and crouching in a corner with a blanket over my head.
Sigh & Ack

But, I do have a Schedule written out for myself on Google Calendar…as if I don't have enough Calendars. For I am the Queen of Calendars!!! School Cal, Mealtime Cal, Work Cal, Creativity Cal, and my handy dandy Pocket Cal.

However, even with ALL those calendars, I Really Like using the Google Cally!:) I can add reminders, tasks, etc. Now if only I had an up to date Ipod that I could sync the app to. Sigh…I guess it is for home use only for now. Rofls

When I finish these Awesome Sauce Bookies that I'm readin' through I will post a Review. I'm sure it will be Rrrriveting. 😉

Well, it's 5:30 in the AM here in my neck of the Internet. So I guess I better try and get a quick nap before the crew wakes up or start makin' my To Do List for the day.

Hmmmm….To Do Lists…There's a thought for a Post for another day.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do any of you lovely Organized/or Not Peeps out there in Internet land have any good books to recommend for gettin' your life in some semblance of order? Leave a comment or two in the box below. 😀


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