Homeschool, Write, Illustrate, Paint, Repeat…

Hello all you lovely peeps out there in Internet Land. 🙂

Today has been a Whirlwind day. I stayed up late last night to work on a painting… Bluemoon Thinker on Instagram … Let’s just say that things didn’t work out quite like I planned. :/ Buuuut you don’t learn new things without tryin’ new things right? I will be fixing that painting later this week. We shall see how that goes.  Lols

I stayed up till like 2am trying to finish it…did you ever Really get stuck on a project and just HAVE to complete it?  Well, that was me last night…but Because of staying up all hours of the, um, morning? …whatever. I was Really Zonked all day.  I had Biiiig homeschooling plans this morning, 2 lessons in Math & 2 lessons in Consumer Math in the morning and Dittos in the early afternoon. Then write a bit and work on some illustrations in the late afternoon Of course, That did Not happen. Best laid plans…Lols

We had to run errands in the morning sooooo Scratch the morning maths.  Then when we got home Lunch had to be made and Chores needed to be caught up.  We Finally got down to Math in the early afternoon and I kept nodding off.  The Randomkid asked if we could just finish 3 lessons so I could go take a nap.  Apparently my head nodding was catching because there was a Ton of yawn swapping. Ha!

After Math, I took the Randomkid’s advice and took a nap.  I was out like a light and just like that there went best laid plans of writing and illustrating. Oy Vey!

Sooooo, tonight I’m going to bed no later than 10pm!  I SHALL be Victorious tomorrow and NOT Fall Asleep during Math and I Shall Not miss out on my Creative time in the afternoon.  I Will Prevail!  Late Nights…Be Gone! Lols

So, back to the Regularly Scheduled Programming…. Homeschool, Write, Illustrate, Paint, Repeat… with a teensy bit of photography thrown in for fun. 😀

Mandy 🙂

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