How to Write a Book and Influence Myself…

Hello all you Internetland Dwellers!
I hope you had a lovely weekend and are getting a good start to your week. šŸ™‚

We are under the Freeze ray around these parts, but it’s warm Inside…so I guess That’s the important thing.

In Between Homeschool, the responsibilities of being a stay at home wife/mom, the social calendar, and Overall Life Schtuff… I decided to take a break from Editing the two books that I’m the closest to finishing.

After reading through all my latest edits, I realized that somewhere along the line… through All of the critiques, rewrites, editing, & repeat…My characters sort of lost their… Them-ness.
I was having trouble hearing their Unique Voices when I read their stories.
At first this realization made me sad. But later after I took time to digest everything, I was just Really Frustrated at myself for getting caught up in the whole You NEED to Write Like This Mentality. šŸ˜¦

If you’ve spent anytime reading my blogs, you know the total weirdness way that I write.
Somehow in my books I lost all those little oddities that were not only reflected in my writing but also reflected in the characters themselves.
After all the Crits, ReWrits, Edits and so on, my writing no longer felt like my own Quirky Goodness.

Yes, the writing was cleaner, grammatically on point, looked more like other stuff that was out there….Buuuut, I was NEVER Writing to have my work look like the other stuff that was out there! I like being the Odd one out. That’s me and I’m Finally starting to be Coolio with it. šŸ™‚
…Somewhere in this writing journey I let the “right way to write” interfere with My Weirdo Style.
Besides I’m self-publishing, I could give a rat’s patootie about what a publisher might think of my work. I just want the Reader to Enjoy it…. and somehow I lost sight of that.

So, I’m rerouting my GPS, and hangin’ an Illegal U-Turn to retrace my steps and locate where I dropped My Own Ideals and My Writer’s Self. I’m certain that in finding myself, my characters will find Themselves again. šŸ™‚

Next stop, back to my original drafts…I’m sooo happy that I’ve kept Every hard copy I ever printed out for the past three years!! Whoo-Hoo!!

… So for Now, I will Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, what do we do? Just Swim, Swim, Swim. šŸ˜€

The Bluemoon Thinker šŸ™‚

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